Hello, I'm Dominique.

(or nikki, for short)

I'm a digital product designer based in the Philippines. Currently, I am part of the WooCommerce Design Team at Automattic.

I love getting behind ideas and products that improve the lives of others — and contributing through thoughtful and beautiful design.


Online platform democratising learning

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Empowering kids to unlock their genius

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Hello 🙃 My name is Dominique (Nikki).

Thanks for taking the time to go through my portfolio.

My story is: I used to write and teach for a living until I found my way back to my first love: making art and soon after, doing design work. I entered the UX arena because I wanted to contribute to the work that makes people's lives better in ways large and small.

I have relied on books, articles, short courses, and guidance from those who came before me — to learn everything that I know today. This is probably why I have a soft spot for EdTech.

If you are a company or person that is wanting to make a positive impact, I would love to explore the possibility of working with you. Please email me at dominiquevias@gmail.com.

If you just want to connect, follow me @inkinikki on Instagram where you can expect to see me sharing about 🎨, 🤔, 🏠, 😻s, 🥘, 🤡, and 💩.